5 Amazing Android/iPhone Apps for Seamless Social Networking


 Gadget tips, Android/iPhone Apps for Social Networking, social networking apps for iPhone, social networking apps for android, social networking apps for mobileToday the most interactive platform for communication is social networking websites and the demand to access them on mobile phones is touching new heights every day. For the new-age hip and socially networked youth, it’s the cell phone rather than the desktop which is helping them in giving a real-time update of their status on their favorite sites like the Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Being a social networking addict you need some cool apps that will keep you updated and let you stay productive on the go. These user-friendly apps not only save a lot of time but also help you in providing a seamless access to the networking sites. So why wait till you get back home to log onto the PC and pour in the updates to your friends when you can always do them anytime during the day via your android or iPhone! Here are some of those amazing apps for your mobile phone.


Milna is a location based social networking app custom-made for android and iPhones. For someone cool like you, this handy app lets you to express what you want and shares your details with others near you. This app makes you visible to others using the app in and around 5 mile radius around you. And people who are interested in doing the same thing will get in touch with you. There are days when you just want someone to listen to your wants and wishes. So reach out and go ahead, tell what you want to do to the world around you – be it beginning training for a marathon, finding jamming partners or throwing a party! Just express yourself.
Milna uses your 3G or WiFi and your GPS co-ordinates to communicate with fellow Milna users. It’s free and fun. Just connect up with people around you and get more out of your life.


It becomes quite an ordeal to hang-out with friends over a cup of coffee and update your status on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare all at the same time. These days, it takes nearly a half-dozen apps to keep up with all our fragmented social networks. However the new android and iPhone app Banjo aims to curtail all those disconnections. Banjo integrates all our social networks into one streamlined service, offering a one-stop shop for updates from Facebook, Twitter, and more. The Palo Alto-based company is calling it a “social discovery” service, one that helps find nearby social connections in real-time. The service, which connects to your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla accounts, simply sends you a push when a friend is within the radius you specified. When you don’t want to be bothered, you can turn off the alerts entirely or individually or put them on a pause.


From the developers of Ubersocial for Android (formerly known as Twidroyd) and the suite of Twitter mobile clients and browser extensions known as Echofon, UberMedia has stepped into the social media circus with its very own network, releasing iPhone and Android clients to it immediately. Chime.in is essentially a mash-up of Twitter, Facebook and Reddit that allows users to follow what’s going on around the web according to their interests and reap monetary benefits from their posts called “chimes” that include textual status updates, photos, videos, links and polls through the network’s advertising service or their own ad networks. You can also attach a photo to each chime.


Unlike other dating or social network sites, Grindr is meant to be mobile. It uses GPS technology to instantly locate guys in your area. If you are someone new in town, tap into Grindr to check out who’s on the scene. If on a trip, you can use Grindr to find a local who’d like to show you around. When at home, you can make Grindr your go-to place and see who’s looking to meet up. Grindr is the go-to app for socializing in seconds with the male folk’s right around you. This app is quick and convenient. It utilizes GPS technology built in your cell phone to find out guys closest to you. Simply download Grindr and start chatting to a local guy who can go out on a drink or just hang out with you in the new place. This app comes in all shapes and sizes compatible for your android and blackberry sets.

5-Google + Mobile App

Mobile apps are essential to the whole social networking experience. Think about Facebook and Twitter; mobile apps are the most convenient way to check in on what’s happening, and just as simply check out. Now that Google has released a mobile app for Google+ available for Android phones and iPhones and iPodTouches the social network itself is much more usable. You can download it through iTunes or the Android marketplace directly and drop it onto your mobile device the next time you sync it. Alternatively, you can try getting it through a QR code provided by Google. It comes with a Huddle, an instant messaging tool where you can invite individuals to chat with you. However anyone who joins the huddle can invite other people to it.


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