Extend Your Notebook Battery Life in 4 Simple Ways


There are occasions when a notebook owner wants his battery to last forever. But unfortunately, each battery comes with a limited life span to provide backup, and you will be forced to abandon the system once the battery is charged off. Saving the battery life is of great significance, when you are inside the flight and want to use the system till reaching your destination. The battery will last for a longer or shorter period, depending on your handling of some simple yet very effective things.

Allow some rest to your notebook: While continuously using your notepad for longer hours, always use the power-management feature of the operating system. You can use set some target time for the system from the time of inactivity, so that the display will go completely dark. Also, if you still do not activate the device during some time of the inactivity, it will slip into sleep mode. The normal time required for activating the notebook will be much lesser than the time taken for rebooting the system, and this action will result in saving power and increasing the life span of the battery.

Turn off the non-essential lights and components: The brightness of the LCD panel is a major factor responsible for the notebook’s power consumption. So always turn down the brightness of the panel and the backlight to the lowest tolerance level. Similarly, you can turn off some of the connection protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and IR radios, when you are not using them actively. Avoid using USB-attached devices unless it is absolutely required as they also consume the power provided by your notebook battery. You only have to be a little bit careful to turn the services off while you are not using it actively.

Use limited processing capacity of the CPU: Avoid using the full processing power capability of your CPU, unless you are engaged in running some high-order software or processing a high volume of data. The lesser utilization of the CPU will help in saving power consumption and extending the usability of your battery. Similarly, have some control over some of the scheduled tasks like daily virus scans, and have it run for some selected files or activities so that the CPU will remain free a comparatively longer period of time.

Avoid using multimedia: While you are inside a flight, avoid listening to streaming music or playing any disks on your notebook. These actions will lead to more power consumption and lead to reduce the lifespan of your battery. If you want to enjoy some in-flight music, it is always better to hear the songs stored on your local hard drive.


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